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Betty emmerdale απώλεια βάρους 2015. 21 years in pics of the Village' s favourite gossip queen, Betty Eagleton.
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As Betty arrived in 1994, she soon became associated as one of the. but when she got homesick and returned to Emmerdale alone. Emmerdale welcomes back Betty Eagleton next week as the show builds up to a fitting exit storyline for the popular character.

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PUBLISHED: 14: 04, Fri, Apr 17, | UPDATED: 11: 32, Sat, Apr 18,. CONFIRMED: Betty Eagleton to leave # Emmerdale forever - read.

EMMERDALE fans are due to see the beginning of Sandy Thomas' s exit this. Betty was a resident of the village from 1994 to, before she.

Bye Betty: 21 years of Betty Eagleton in pics.

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