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Yang yoseob χάνουν βάρος. The radio show uploaded an ASMR video of the new DJ.
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Yang Yo- seob ( born January 5, 1990), more commonly known as Yoseob, is a South Korean singer and musical actor. He is the main vocalist of the boy group.
Checkout my channel for more Dance Versions and Dance Rehearsals. enjoy : ) DVhd CREATIONS ( kpop compilations) KPop.

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Mix - [ STAR ZOOM IN] Soulful Voice, Yang Yoseob ' Caffeine' 160503 EP. 79 YouTube · I Can See Your Voice 4 보이스키즈 출신 실력자들vs원조.
Updated February 17 KST: Highlight' s Yang Yoseob has shared a glimpse of what his upcoming mini album will look like! With just a couple of.

Highlight' s Yang Yoseob will be the new DJ of MBC' s FM4U " Dreaming Radio"!
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